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Blood Red Sun : Confrontation

It is time, ladies and gentlemen. The wait has been long enough. The newest chapter of Blood Red Sun is here!

Blood Red Sun is an interactive fiction with my blog followers, where you – the readers – get to vote on how each new chapter ends. Don’t hesitate to cast your vote at the end of the section!

Last Week’s Winner? = Ending A!

The Mysterious Man has Lyle Corse’s address.

Ben Carson walked into Denten Financial at a brisk pace. The door slid open to greet him, and a row of metal detectors remained respectfully silent as he passed through. This was because his gun had been left at home.
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Blood Red Sun : Part II

I decided it is about time to feature the next chapter of the blog’s serial post, Blood Red Sun. Read it, if you have the time, and don’t hesitate to vote for the canon ending.

Last Week’s Winner? = End B!

Ben Carson is a private investigator.

The lady had followed his instructions – that at least could be said for her. Ben flipped the envelope between his fingers easily, looking around the crowded square at the passerbyers. They were bustling grey suited business men and women. A man dressed in a thin jacket, fishing a correspondence out of a trash can, had not even attracted a fleeting glance.
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“Blood Red Sun”, an interactive fiction with my blog followers.

I’ve always wanted to write a serial post on here, and I figured what better way is there to get people interested than to get them involved?

Blood Red Sun is going to be a regularly posted crime-drama series, but with a twist. At the end of each section, there where be a poll. The readers can select how the section will end, by putting their vote behind the ending of their choice. The top voted ending will be made canon for the next post.

So without further adu, follow Ben Carson in…

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Grab Out the Shot Glasses! The Writer’s Drinking Game is Here!

The Rules: Drink red wine all night and critique the work of your contemporaries until their hopes at being able to write for a living are crushed and mashed beyond any repair.

I kid.

I kid.

This was an idea I had the other day while putting a half-consumed bottle of Bacardi in the cabinet. I was going to have some friends over, one of whom is in the family, and many considered themselves writers (or had written at some point in their life). If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s what you need.
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Embedded Fiction #1

The following is my first attempt at the Embedded Fiction I referenced in my previous post. Throughout the fiction, you may hover over the links at any time to get additional information about the subject in question. All of these links connect to my previous post, so there is no need to click through the link. I only used the link title as a location for the descriptions. There are additional secondary references at the end if you read the all of the embedded descriptions and are still interested.

Now, Without Further Adu

Aiden Bearingjaw hefted his twin-horned helmet between his hands and placed it over his head. The feeling in his gut was tension, base and terrifying, the kind that they don’t mention in the legends and fables. This was the Dark of Everfree, the Feeding of the Barrows. He stepped onto the edge of the cliff, picked up his shield from off of the slippery rock and retrieved his sword.

A heat like fire licked against his face.

Though his silhouette stood out against the bright rays of the flapping Wyrm, he did not feel dwarfed. The heart in his chest was beating too fast for him to register that he may no longer be alive when the Wyrm opened its mouth.

He hefted his shield.
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Let’s Build a Character Together! (Part II)

The Results

The results are in, and thanks to all of you for participating so much. Let’s do a run down, poll by poll.

  • Genre was close. Nothing Genre Fiction won by one vote, but was followed closely by both Fantasy and Crime/Thriller.
  • Motivation was a bit of a shutout. We all like characters who Save Humanity and Kick Ass (with a healthy dose of Finding Themselves and Growing as a Person).
  • For character traits, we are all looking for Brilliant and Courageous.
  • How does the character behave? Wise-cracking funny by a landslide.
Don't worry Brucey, looks like we are all with you after all.

Don’t worry Brucey, looks like we are all with you after all.

What this means is that, across any genre, people primarily like a witty and hilarious hero whose ability to dish out funny one-liners is only matched by their unshakable courage and inventive thinking.
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Let’s Build a Character Together!

I thought it might be fun to try and narrow down what everyone’s favorite type of fictional character was today. Maybe it will be the brash rogue-ish robin hood type? Maybe it will be the young girl only trying to find love? Maybe it will be the endearing inventor who guides the hero throughout his struggles?

Maybe we all just like any character played by this man,

it's really your decision.

it’s really your decision.

but we won’t really know unless you participate in my polling, so get on down the page!
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