Oh yes, that’s me.

Hi, my name is Alex Billedeaux.

I’m an author based out of Portage MI. That is – after California, Australia, Michigan, and then California again.While I like to keep the content of the blog focused on you guys, the readers, I do have a career going on, which I tend to find exciting. New developments and book releases will undoubtedly be making their way onto the blog as they happen.

Head on over to the BLOG to read the latest updates (mostly just for the picture captions, I know what you guys are really in it for). I also did write THE HUNTER GRAYLEER, if you’re interested.


How do I feel about comments?

I’m a huge fan of public interaction. I would love to see more of it on the blog.If you like a post, if you have something to say about a post, or if you want to disagree with me on several points – I promise I’ll post back. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the reply section of any article you read, that’s what it is there for.

What about guest posts?

I know it can be unnerving to ask bloggers about the prospect of Guest Posting on their site, so I’m putting forward that is open to GUEST POSTERS. If you have an idea that you think would mesh with my blog, just send me an email at alexbilledeaux(at) I’ll be sure to respond to you in a friendly manner, whether I’m interested or not.



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