Monday Musing : “Slab of Glass”

Artists are paid (usually poorly) to look at the world in new and inventive ways. Who wants to read a book and have their own views spouted back at them? I mean, come on, they have their Fox’s and CNN’s for that.

So this Monday try to look at the world in a new way. While you’re at your job or in your class, examine the objects and people around you – figure out the strange building blocks that make them the way they are.

Only in a perfect world.

Only in a perfect world.

Here’s an example.

“Wyatt sat on a white-stone bench, swiping a finger across a slab of glass. It was precious to him. Pictures of old friends flicked across the surface, little black text times-new-roman life updates popping up beside them and he casually moved by each. From the way he held the slab, you may have thought that it meant nothing to him, but in fact Wyatt brought the glass everywhere he went and worried that the wind and weather might damage its surface.”

Your interpretation, as always, is up to you. Sure does carry a deeper meaning than an Ipad, though. Have some good musings and a great Monday!


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